Pricing, Deadlines, Communication

  Pricing and estimating costs for graphic design work is my least favorite aspect of the job.
  Some people think I'm pricey. Others think I'm very reasonably priced. It all depends on the project and the scope.
  We'll usually discuss my fee during our initial consultation, and you can let me know what your budget is for the project at hand.
  I'm flexible and collaborative, and I'll always give you a fair price that respects your budget while compensating me for my time, skills and talents.

  Lots of people these days seem not to respect deadlines.
  I do.
  I work quickly and respectfully of your schedule and our agreement.
  If I arrange a meeting with you, I'll be there. If I can't be there, I'll notify you in advance.
  It's the way I work, and I expect the same levels of respect and courtesy from the professionals with whom I collaborate.


  I communicate quite frequently via email. It's not that I'm anti-social, and I don't want to meet with or talk with you.
  I do.
  Email allows me to keep a written record of our discussions and track our progress, which serves both of us in the long run.
  When we do discuss business on the telephone, I'll often follow up that discussion with an email, to confirm what we discussed.
  Please contact me on my "contact" page and let's get started!

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Pricing, Deadlines, Communication
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